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The directors at Imbani Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd. have provided specialist environmental solutions for a range of mining and industrial sectors. We are driven by a strong work ethic and offer a unique perspective through a comprehensive, integrated approach to environmental rehabilitation and management.

We have been involved in significant research, practical trials and the development of protocols for contamination assessment, samp-ling, analysis, rehabilitation, revegetation and bioremediation.

Furthermore, we have an intrinsic understanding of mine closure requirements and the integral role played by a well-designed rehabilitation plan, which encompasses ecosystem biodiversity of post closure land use options as a measure of success.

We use the latest fertilizer technological advances from Proferts’ Black Fertiliser™ range, which has a “time release effect”, to improve nitrogen and phosphorus uptake in our revegetation programs. This translates to a higher efficiency in fertilizer utilization and a reduction of fertilizer losses, which ultimately enhances plant succession and improves revegetative success.

Various products from Sienna Bionatec are employed to enhance specific soil microbial population to assist with bio-remedial and rehabilitation efforts in sites that were severely impacted by anthropogenic activities and contamination.

Profert was first founded in 1999 after closure of AECI’s ammonia and urea plant at Modderfontein as well as the ammonia plant at Milnerton, when three highly experienced fertilizer industry experts joined forces. The dramatic shortfall in nitrogen availability precipitated by these closures represented a critical turning point in the competitive environment of the South African fertilizer industry. During this time, dependence on imports for over 50% of the country’s nitrogen requirements had created an opportunity for new entrants.

Through its diversification strategy, Profert Holdings has invested in several companies, which has allowed the Group to add value and create economies of scales throughout the entire supply chain. From raw materials to fast moving consumer goods, Profert Holdings has captured value, and created incredible opportunities within the agricultural sector of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Profert Fertilizer is still the core business of Profert Holdings, and specialises in granular and liquid fertilizers, which includes its premium Black range (Black UREA and Black DAP), a bio-organic coated granular fertilizer range, and its liquid fertilizer range called Amplify. Profert has mixing plants in all the provinces in South Africa and produces 800 to 1200 tonnes of fertilizer per day.

Profert Holdings is currently 13 years old and over the past five years it has experienced explosive growth with a big diversification drive to hedge business risks. Profert Holdings invested in 19 external companies through various mergers, acquisitions and partnership agreements.

Visit website: www.profert.co.za

Sienna Bionatec, an affiliate of Profert Holdings (Pty) Ltd, is a biotechnological company which focuses on the development and formulation of biological products to optimise plant health and vitality, as well as stimulating overall health of the surrounding soil. Anthropogenic impacts arising from mining and industrial activities affect a number of soil properties that, in turn, affect soil microbes that have a significant effect on soil health and plant growth.

As microbial populations are instrumental to the fundamental processes that drive stability and productivity of all ecosystems, they should form in integral part of any environmental management strategy that wishes to restore equilibrium to impacted areas. Sienna Bionatec’s products are based on the principle of probiotics, that is, it consists of live microorganisms, which are used proactively, to confer a health benefit on the host plant as well as stabilising the surrounding growth medium.

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About Us

Imbani Holding’s past projects and endeavours throughout the last 30 years has given the company and its employees exposure to all aspects of business and helped to establish relationships with government, parastatals, development agencies, export credit bodies, contractors and financiers.