Imbani Holdings has it's own fleet of tankers to ensure smooth, integrated operation of its supply chain process.

Imbani Petroleum is both knowledgeable and experienced in the transportation and distribution of petroleum products and other chemicals.

We ensure that we supply the correct equipment for the applications required and that this equipment is properly maintained at all times as outlined in compliance of the National Department of Transport. This is currently done via the daily load schedules.

All Imbani Tankers Vehicles are monitored via satellite control so as to ensure that the following fields can be addressed at any time:

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Instant access and control over vehicles
  • Secure data management and load security

Tracking devices are fitted to all vehicles in order to facilitate accurate delivery time forecasting to you, our customer, thereby allowing the planning for acceptance of deliveries, and reducing such cost items as standing time, overtime, etc. This enhances the safety and load of the vehicle.

About Us

Imbani Holding’s past projects and endeavours throughout the last 30 years has given the company and its employees exposure to all aspects of business and helped to establish relationships with government, parastatals, development agencies, export credit bodies, contractors and financiers.