It is a well-known fact that applied fertilizers’ efficiencies are low due to leaching, volatilisation and fixation. This contributes to low fertilizer efficiency (as low as 40-60% for nitrogen, 40-50% for potassium, and 30% for phosphorous). The most limiting factor in plant nutrition a decade ago was perhaps phosphate or nitrogen. Today it is microbial activity in the soil. It is clear that plant nutritionists today must have a holistic approach towards plant nutrition and soil biology. Research has shown that soil micro-organisms will increase the efficiency of applied fertilizers. The Black Fertiliser Range’s mode of action is the new bio-organic coating that will further enhance the microbial activity in the soil. It was proven in trials that the sustained release of plant available nutrients has increased the efficiency of the fertilizers. The unique bio-organic coating also helps to limit the negative impacts like the SALT INDEX and ACIDIFYING process associated with normal chemical fertilizers.

BLACK COATED PRODUCTS actively and directly affect the soil environment by:

► Supplementing essential Soil Micro Organisms.
► Inhibiting the acidifying process of fertilization.
► Supplying your soil with the essential nutrients your plants and Soil Micro-organisms need.



Sienna Bionatec’s products are biologically based with the aim of improving, stimulating or correcting soil and vegetation requirements, through the use of whole micro-organisms or their metabolites, and foliar applications of macro and micro nutrients.


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