Imbani Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd. aims to serve clients across a range of industries that are primarily natural resource based.


  • Environmental project planning and management
  • Soil analysis and characterization
  • Landform design and drainage
  • Biodiversity investigation and management
  • Waste water treatment, design and management
  • Remediation, revegetation and bioremediation
  • Engineering design, rehabilitation construction and civil works
  • Data collection, monitoring and interpretation
  • Integrated environmental management (EIAs and EMPs)
  • Contaminated land assessment and remediation
  • Waste management characterization
  • Geo-technical investigations
  • Dust control services
  • Legal compliance
  • Community development projects
  • Closure planning and post closure land use options
  • Aerial mapping and photography
  • Alien and invader species identification and management


We have formed successful relationships with various corporations throughout the mining and industrial sectors. Through these established relationships we aim to be responsive, efficient, technically accurate, and provide value for money solutions to our current and prospective clients

Imbani Environmental Solutions employs Profert’s ProGro System on qualifying previously mined areas, in order to create sustainable arable land. It is a farm enrichment programme, which offers a complete solution package, delivering top agricultural knowledge, business experience and technical services and implementation.

ProGro is not a quick solution, it presents a sustainable long term solution for the serious producer. It always delivers more, including better, healthier crop production, increased profit margins, continuous support services and technical help from soil preparation to crop sales.


About Us

Imbani Holding’s past projects and endeavours throughout the last 30 years has given the company and its employees exposure to all aspects of business and helped to establish relationships with government, parastatals, development agencies, export credit bodies, contractors and financiers.