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Training Programmes Summary:

Professional Selling Skills

This study provides an understanding of the principles and practices used by some of the leading sales organizations to yield the most effective salespeople. In addition, the effectiveness of the PSS program has been demonstrated consistently over the years at thousands of sales organizations in virtually every industry.



This program requires the completion of prework

Learning Activities:

  • Unit 1: Need Satisfaction Selling = Success : yours and your Customers’
  • Units 2 – 4: Recognizing Needs : Opening/Probing/Supporting/Closing
  • Unit 6: Overcoming customer indifference
  • Units 7- 8: Resolving Customer concerns


1 day “short and to the point “ sales program.


This program explains the techniques necessary to establish:

  • Positive rapport with your customer
  • Encourages customer to talk in detail about problems and needs
  • Develop customer confidence in you / your product


This program requires the completion of prework


  • As a result of completing the prework, you have completed the analysis phase of Creating Professional Sales Presentations.
    • Set presentation objective
    • Analyze the account
    • Select the needs




  • During this program you will learn about techniques that will help you deliver your presentation:
    • Image building
    • Effective use of language
    • Effective use of voice
    • Audience interaction
    • Use of visual aids


Learning Activities:

  • Organize the body / Sequence the needs / Prepare transition statements
  • Develop a closing statement /Develop an opening statement / Plan for visual aids
  • Role plays can be customized


This program focuses on bringing out the best in others. The goal of coaching is not to provide direction, but for employees to work together and help one another find direction. To achieve that, employees must:


  • Gain confidence in their own abilities
  • Analyze problems and find solutions
  • Think of a better approach to their work
  • Find new ways to apply their skills
  • Sort through their fears and concerns


Learning Activities:


  • Key actions for coaching
  • To coach or not to coach
  • Effective listening and asking techniques
  • Self-assessment


The principles and qualities.


In a complex and changing business world, people seek out others they can count on. They want to work with people they can trust and who have what it takes to address and overcome daily challenges. They are looking for genuine leaders.

Genuine leaders operate according to a set of basic principles that help them work effectively with others. These principles encourage a collaborative environment in which knowledge, creativity and experience are combined to produce measurable results.


Basic principles:

  • Focus on the situation, issue or behavior, not the person
  • Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others
  • Maintain constructive relationships
  • Take initiative to make things better
  • Lead by example
  • Think beyond the moment


Speaking to influence others:

Some of the key actions we will be talking about are:

  • Decide your objective
  • Understand your listeners
  • Think through what you will say
  • Anticipate reactions
  • Build rapport
  • Set the pace
  • Demonstrate conviction
  • Ask for your listeners’ thoughts, questions and concerns
  • Acknowledge and respond to what your listeners say
  • Ask for what you want from your listeners
  • Agree on next steps


This program is made up of 4 very interactive modules designed to provide a range of critical service skills vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The four modules build on one another to offer training solutions at every level, thus aligning service strategies with service behaviors throughout the organization.


Learning Activities:


Module 1: Building customer loyalty (4 hours classroom)

  • The benefits of customer loyalty
  • The three dimensions of service
  • Tthe STAR qualities
  • Role plays and exercises


Module 2: Making your customers feel special (4 hours)

  • Principles of caring service
  • How to make the customer feel valuable
  • Role plays and exercises


Module 3: How to deal with an angry customer (4 hours)

  • The HEAL guidelines
  • Lead to business
  • Role plays and exercises


Module 4: Dazzling your customers (4 hours)

  • Define dazzling
  • How dazzling service contributes to customer loyalty
  • Generating appropriate and meaningful actions to dazzle
  • Role plays


This program requires the completion of prework.


What defines trainer excellence? As in any other profession, trainer excellence is based not only on time and experience, but on the opportunities you take to perfect your craft. Whether your profile is that of a seasoned training professional or a beginner, you can accelerate your own professional growth by first learning, and then continually sharpening the knowledge, attitudes and skills that make a trainer exceptional.
Some of the topics covered during this 2-day workshop that will prepare you to conduct successful training sessions are:


Principles of Trainer Excellence


  • Motivation
  • Individual learning styles
  • Learning process and environment
  • Individual learning style


Roles of the Trainer


  • Administrator
  • Instructor
  • Facilitator
  • Selection and impact


Giving Feedback


  • Types of feedback
  • Reinforcing performance
  • Offering improvement suggestions


Leading Energetic & Powerful Discussions


  • Pre-content discussions
  • Content mastery and application discussions
  • Types of discussion
  • Questions
  • Guidelines for asking questions


Managing Activities


  • Structure of activities
  • Enhancing activities/making training relevant

Professional Presence

  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Effective use of language and voice
  • Personal distracters


Working with Challenging Behaviours


  • Identifying challenging behaviors
  • Responding to challenging behaviors


A strong, powerful and interactive program for collection agents preparing them to deal with a world of customers by teaching how to identify the different personalities and giving insight on how to effectively deal with each one.


Some of the techniques covered:


  • Improved telephone basics
  • Improve right party contact ratio
  • Improve getting past the “gatekeeper”
  • Asking the right questions
  • Hard on the situation soft on the person
  • Read the client’s personality profile and adjust accordingly
  • Recognizing a buy-in motive and closing on it
  • Handling objections, excuses, and problem situations more effectively
  • Develop negotiation skills
  • Improved closing techniques

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