A Mining House set up specifically to deal with acquiring Coal fields in Southern Africa, with the aim of developing and mining these deposits.

The Company currently has two projects underway:

A coal mining company focused on acquiring developing and beneficiating coal mineral rights

It currently owns and controls open cast and underground mining operations of some 40 million tons of export coal reserves in Carolina, Mpumalanga Province, beneficiation and marketing thereof.  This translates to revenues of R540.7 million for the next 18 months.

The company has been in operation for 4-years. Beneficiation for 30% of the coal (the balance is sold directly) is through a R7-million washing plant owned by a 100% subsidiary Imbani Resources (Pty) Ltd with a second R30 million washing plant being currently planned. 

A R 2 million coal fines agglomeration plant is presently being implemented. We have a 400 000 ton/annum allocation at Richards Bay Coal Terminal.  We also ship through Maputo Port.


A coal reserve in Standerton 

The reserve consists of 500 million ton reserve with an off take agreement from Eskom and Tata Power, India.  Mining commencement date: May 2006.

About Us

Imbani Holding’s past projects and endeavours throughout the last 30 years has given the company and its employees exposure to all aspects of business and helped to establish relationships with government, parastatals, development agencies, export credit bodies, contractors and financiers.