Imbani has investments in most high growth sectors and adds significant value to these investments by leveraging its network and skill sets across them. These sectors include:


Ambronex is a wholesale internet provider that caters for organisations seeking xpress wholesale international solutions. This is accomplished by integrating technical expertise with an advanced core South African network and submarine fibre to the United Kingdom for access to all international destinations.

Internationals and local route destinations are sourced from associated transit providers. Ambronex’s unique selling proposition is that it provides a higher performing service at lower prices.

Imbani Media

Imbani Advertising and Marketing has a controlling equity interest in an outdoor marketing company specialising in bill board marketing. The company secures short, medium and long term marketing sites for its clients, providing an essential channel in the clients’ marketing roll out.

ACL Global

ACL Global was established to provide business solutions to companies for top-line growth. The company has experts who offer added value by driving disruptive innovation for market access, sales and distribution, marketing, as well as business process outsourcing. ACL delivers an integrated solution which focuses on creating customer value, brand positioning, product expansion, customer retention and improvement in
channel economics.

The company brings together products and solutions, in partnership with both the public and private sectors, to empower enterprises and SMEs to grow their businesses.