Project development

Imbani has investments in most high growth sectors and adds significant value to these investments by leveraging its network and skill sets across them. These sectors include:

Imbani Projects

Imbani Projects facilitates the support of projects where equity or passive investing is required. The Group has extensive expertise in raising capital for large developments and are particularly adept at matching on the ground project efficacy with the required cash flows.

Imbani generally initiates projects at risk with the aim of providing solutions or meeting objectives on a turnkey basis. Projects and assignments include feasibility studies, business plans, financing and risk evaluation and management (incorporating financial, operational and legal risks). This will generally include all professional services and commercial functions through the management of the asset life cycle if necessary. Imbani manages and coordinates all processes ensuring that the distinctive characteristics of a unique project are successfully delivered to the client.

Furthermore, Imbani Projects, in conjunction with Imbani Procurement, coordinates and provides full supply chain services to its clients at an operational level, ensuring maximum efficiency for clients including procurement, logistics, and more.

City of Tshwane new municipal offices, council and mayoral chambers

The City of Tshwane invited proposals for the development of new municipal offices, council and mayoral chambers to replace the old Munitoria building in which they had been housed.

The invitation was for a Public Private Participation (PPP) for a period of 27 years from date of agreement. This translates to two years of construction and 25 years of facilities management.

Imbani Projects is a shareholder in a consortium of a group of six companies consisting of project management, construction and facilities management. Construction on the project consisted of two stages, termed Early Works which involved demolition and clearing of the existing structure, and the Main Works which is the construction of the new structure. Imbani Construction is a Construction Joint Venture (CJV) partner with Trencon Construction and Group Five Construction. The approved budget for the construction was over 1 Billion Rand and was completed in 2017.

Imbani Developments

One of the oldest companies in the Group, Imbani Developments provides turnkey project development providing full life cycle services to clients. The Group has been entrusted with projects ranging from R100m to mega projects of R6bn.

The company’s expertise spans all aspects from feasibility, financing, construction and commissioning to ultimately providing facility management services. Developments range from housing developments and RDP developments to large government and regional projects.

Imbani’s strategy is to partner with world class industry players and have as partners such prestigious organisation as China State Construction Engineering Corporation, the number one construction company world-wide.

The Group’s development projects are not restricted to local developments but include high technology developments in countries such as Angola, Gabon, Lesotho and Eswatini.

Imbani Project Management

Imbani Project Management provides clients with access to the expertise of the Imbani Group without the need for a significant development project. The experience gained supports Imbani’s client base to increase profitability in all aspects of facility planning and management.