Imbani has investments in most high growth sectors and adds significant value to these investments by leveraging its network and skill sets across them. These sectors include:

Imbani Power

Imbani Power is involved in energy-related prospects all over Africa, particularly electricity generation, transmission and distribution opportunities.

This company is currently pursuing independent power producers and pumped storage schemes opportunities in South Africa, as well as exploring hydro-electric generation schemes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Gabon.

Imbani Solar

Imbani Solar is a recent venture that imports and installs solar based solutions for housing developments, corporate customers and SOEs.

Imbani Green Energy

Imbani Green Energy works with innovative technologies – factory direct for commercial and industrial applications, creating power energy saving solutions such as high performance LED lighting products, intelligent energy and demand controllers, intelligent energy saving solutions, aircon savers and building automations, as well as power and harmonic correction devices.