Transportation and logistics

Imbani has investments in most high growth sectors and adds significant value to these investments by leveraging its network and skill sets across them. These sectors include:

Imbani Rail

The innovation and entrepreneurial approach by Imbani’s subsidiary, Trans Africa Rail has resulted in the profitable management of operations that were either marginal or loss making. Imbani Rail focuses on operational opportunities both inside and outside South Africa.

Trans Africa Rail as a unique structure which has been formed as Africa’s only comprehensive independent railway company that is actively involved in the privatisation of railway networks in Africa. This includes operations, wagon building, track maintenance and locomotive refurbishment. Trans Africa Rail is currently the majority shareholder in many companies throughout Africa including Trans Africa Railway Corporation Tanzania (TARC) that runs the corridor from southern Africa to Kampala.

Trans Shipment Hub

Under a deal with Tanzania, metre gauge trains that connect with Cape gauge trains at Kidatu will be operated by the Trans Africa Railway Corporation through its trans-shipment hub. The hub carries about 160,000 tonnes of traffic per year.

Rail Maintenance

This company is a subsidiary of Trans Africa Rail. It specialises in providing railway engineering products and services, as well as integrated railway projects including infrastructural projects and financial feasibility projects. The company specialises in the rehabilitation and maintenance of locomotives and sourcing engineering products of locomotives and technical services.

Kwik Fab Projects

This company offers unique African transport solutions by designing and prototyping railway wagons that are flexible, robust, low maintenance and easily manufactured. A quick turnaround time is the result. Kwik Fab Projects has been responsible for two world-first state-of-the-art railway wagons through dynamic simulation, laser growing and cutting processors aimed at replacing Africa’s ageing fleet with new railway wagons.

Sheer Edge Freight (SEF)

SEF acquires and owns container wagons to be deployed in Tanzania. They acquired second-hand wagons from South Africa’s Spoornet, refurbished them and shipped them to Dar es Salaam where they are used in hauling manufactured goods.

Imbani Tankers and Eagle Logistics

Imbani Tankers and Eagle Logistics are transport and logistics companies for petroleum and hazardous goods with multiple long term contracts
including Sasol and Dunlop. The company provides state-of-the-art logistics solutions for specialist and high tech clients.

Imbani Couriers

Imbani has equity interests in both logistics, as well as courier companies operating across South African and in certain instances into neighbouring countries. This increases the Group’s efficiency in the distribution of commodities, goods and equipment in southern Africa.

DSV Consortium

Imbani Projects and DSV Consortium were contracted by UNISA through the award of a public tender PT2019/04 to deliver study material, collect
and deliver library material and collect and deliver assignments and assessments at UNISA service points in order to provide a reliable, responsive and proactive courier service with the aim to guarantee a quality service to our clients and academics at UNISA within the agreed standards and approved time frames.

UNISA strives to assist students in ensuring that study material, library material and student assignments and assessments reach their
destinations by the required deadlines or within the agreed specified time frames. Making use of tailormade solutions, we are proud to be associated with UNISA through this project.