Imbani has investments in most high growth sectors and adds significant value to these investments by leveraging its network and skill sets across them. These sectors include:

Imbani Leather

Imbani recently acquired Mario Levi SA, a leather manufacturing plant in Uitenhage that has been operating since 1999 under licence from the Italian leather manufacturing company Mario Levy that was established shortly after World War 2.

With state-of-the-art Italian leather manufacturing equipment and technical expertise provided by the mother company, Imbani Leather has the capacity to transform 1500 wet blue hides per day through re-tanning and finishing processes. The hides are cut and packed into ready-to-use kits or shipped as flat hides to local and overseas customers.

Imbani Rubber

Imbani has partnered with International Industrial Companies which manufacture a complete range of rubber products at its facilities. The product range includes conveyor belting and other high quality rubber products that are particularly suited to tough mining and industrial conditions. These products surpass international standards.

Imbani has secured supply contracts in the mining sector and Eskom.

Water Analytical Services (WAS)

Imbani Holdings Pty (Ltd) has a share in Water Analytical Services (WAS), a proudly South African company specialising in water treatment, chemical engineering and instrumentation. WAS manufactures and delivers quality water treatment products and is specifically focussed on local manufacturing, water treatment solutions and procurement for the coal, iron, steel, power generation, petrochemical, as well as the food and beverages industries.

Services include water treatment management, process development with WAS technology, reverse osmosis plants, acid cleaning, system monitoring, customer training, chemical engineering, demineralisation, stockholding and warehousing, as well as plant efficiency audits.